Exploration: Holiday (Part 1)

The holiday season is now upon us. The next step is to pick a destination, but where? Living with a disability like Duchenne does make this choice more difficult, so you need to be either creative or realistic. It’s Holiday week for DMD Pathfinders so please share your holiday experiences or future plans with us […]

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Backstage Pass: Duchenne Blogger

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at the difficulties of blogging or vlogging when you have Duchenne. Thanks to DMD Pathfinders, Muscle Owl & Limitless Travel for pushing me to reach my potential and more. I’ve previously written  (Click Here) about the various accessibility tools I use when using my computer: a combination of an on-screen keyboard […]

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The only Constant in life is Change

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed are entirely my own & separate from DMD Pathfinders Change. Could we call it the chance for ‘outside the box’ thinking, an experiment on growth or only chaos? Change is constant; the only difference is in whether we judge it as positive or negative. I agree that current worldwide society trends […]

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January: Nutrition

Welcome to January, The month of insipid dieting adverts, Goji Berries or Joe Wick clones on Youtube. Receiving the right nutrition through a healthy balanced diet is an essential part of caring for your body. Nutrition is not only related to eating but also with the mechanical processes involved. Currently I’m confronted with an unexpected […]

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2017 – Beyond the Resolution

Let’s BEGIN with the ENDING of 2016 2016 felt like a conclusion to a seemingly blissful golden era with the loss of many seemingly immortal legends: from Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Freddie Mercury, Peter Vaughan & (personally) Lord John Walton the Co-founder of Muscular Dystrophy UK. I’ve arrived in 2017 considering […]

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The Uncanny #review of 2016

Looking back over 2016, it has been a year of unexpected personal evolution even though it began similarly to 2015. I’ve witnessed the development of my confidence levels & focus resembling a secondary mutation. 2016 would not have been legendary without all my amazing friends or the wonderful new ones I’ve made. So thank you […]

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