Press Start on Gaming Accessibility

The gaming industry has finally realising that making gaming accessible to every type of gamer is a vital component of any hardware or game. This is good news for disabled gamers however, as accessibility is in its infancy there is huge scope for improvement. The most important part of making a difference is changing industry […]

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How many Questions? 20 Questions

Okay today I’m (finally) answering Carrie’s 20 Questions! Click here to visit her wonderful website Life On The Slow Lane! 1. Morning or evening person? I’m a morning person, I’ve always liked to start my day early as I have the most energy. 2. Night in or night out? Night in or night out depending […]

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The Future is ThisAbility

Yesterday, I (virtually) attended the first meeting of ThisAbility network in the creative industry, which was held at the D&AD studio in London. ThisAbility (@ThisAbilityClub) is the invention of my good friend Sulaiman Khan @Kinectricity. Its purpose is to support #creatives who happen to have a disability, foster collaborations between influential people & importantly celebrate […]

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E3 2017 – Disability Inclusion

PLEASE NOTE: I did not attend E3 2017 & all opinions are my own The gaming industry recently had one of its biggest conferences: E3 2017. This year was full of positive surprises, new VR technology, disappointments & mind-blowing unveilings. Nintendo unveiled the fantastic Mario Odyssey on the new console Nintendo Switch. Nintendo brought back […]

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Evolving the ‘Disabled’ Character

Since the Netflix or Amazon Prime world domination, we now have an endless stream of watchable content available to us. The era of the box set is upon us, as there’s more time to build deeper storylines & form multi-dimensional characters that is difficult to accomplish in a short movie timeframe. Television has an important […]

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