Access Granted: My Secret Identity

Name: Vivek Gohil Age: 27

Blogger | Disability Activist | Muscle Owl Co-Editor | MDUK Trailblazer 

Interests: Gaming, Comic Books, Artificial Intelligence, Science Fiction, Comedy, Cartoons, Nature, Philosophy

Goals: Create Disability Awareness, Challenge Disability Media Representation & Improve Gaming Technology

+ I happen to have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

My Favourite:

Robot: R2D2

Sci-Fi novel(s): The Void Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton

Fantasy Author: George R. R. Martin for the A Song of Ice and Fire series

DC Superhero: Batman ||| Sinestro: DC Supervillain

Marvel Superhero: Spiderman ||| Magneto: Marvel Supervillain

Comic Book series: The Unwritten by Mike Carey

Cartoons: Justice League UnlimitedBatman Beyond | X-Men Evolution

Current Cartoon series: Samurai Jack | Star Wars: Rebels

Boxset: Breaking Bad

Ongoing TV series: Game of Thrones

Series with Unfinished Ending: Dark Angel

Movie: Logan

SNES/Game Boy: Super Mario World

PS2: Spiderman 2 ||| X-Men Legends: Xbox

PS3: Batman: Arkham City ||| Mass Effect Trilogy: Xbox360

PS4 Game: The Witcher 3

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